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Your lawn is the most visible part of your entire property, and having a properly maintained lawn can raise the curb appeal of your home.  Having a good-looking yard and proper landscaping can raise the value of your home. Hire us to handle your Lawn Care in Lake Charles, LA 

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Lawn Care in Lake Charles

Our Lake Charles lawn care service plans offer all of the services you need to keep your lawn looking great year-round.  Stop wasting your weekends doing yard work and let us take of it for you.

Lawn Care in Lake Charles, LA

Why Lawn Care is Important?

Having a great-looking lawn can help the overall appearance of your home and help increase its value. By providing regular lawn maintenance you ensure that your yard remains to look great year-round. 

It’s a lot easier and cheaper to maintain your lawn than it is to buy and install a new one.  When you have regular lawn maintenance it helps to prevent weed growth, provides a safe place for kids and pets to play, and a relaxing place to enjoy. 

 Our Lake Charles Lawn Services Include: 


We provide a sharp and crisp-looking lawn. Our mowing services will have your grass looking its best. We use only fresh sharp blades and will tailor our approach to your lawn. 


We will edge your sidewalks, driveways, flow beds, and any other paths that need it. Lawn edging has a way of giving your property a crisp clean look that your neighbors will envy. 

Weed Trimming 

Your lawn will be trimmed anywhere our mowers won’t reach. The perimeter of your home, fence lines, ditches, and flower beds are all common places where we will trim. 


We will ensure all grass clippings are blown away from your sidewalk, driveways, and patios. You’ll come home to a crisp yard with no mess. 


We can also spray any weeds growing between the cracks and crevices in your sidewalks and others areas to keep weeds at bay and your yard looking perfect. 

Lawn Clean-Up (Additional Fees Apply) 

We have some pretty crazy weather here in Lake Charles, so we also offer yard clean-up and debris removal. If you have branched and debris in your yard from our latest thunderstorm, we’re happy to help you clean it up. 

Maintenance Schedules

We offer regular maintenance schedules to help meet your needs. If you subscribe to one of our monthly maintenance plans, you will receive all of our lawn care services and a regular schedule. 

Our lawn maintenance schedules include weekly and bi-weekly maintenance. We highly recommend weekly lawn maintenance to have your yard looking its absolute best year rounds. 

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