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Landscaping Services

Our landscaping services will help you keep your landscaping looking amazing year-round. Proper landscaping can increase the value of your home by as much as 15%!

Lake Charles Landscapers

Our Lake Charles landscaping service can help you conquer all of your property needs. 

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Landscaping in Lake Charles Services:

Pulling Weeds 

Driving up to ugly flowerbeds full of weeds can be very frustrating.  We can help by weeding out all of your flowerbeds and keeping them weed-free year-round. No more ugly flowerbeds. 

Trimming, Hedging, and Pruning 

We’ll keep all of your small trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants in tip-top shape. We can keep everything looking clean and neat, and promote healthy growth. Get your landscaping under control and increase your curb appeal


Mulching prevents weed growth and allows your plants to stay cooler in the hot summer temperatures by helping your soil trap in moisture.

We’ll remove your old mulching to prevent compaction and to promote healthy growth. Next, we’ll install 3 to 4 inches of mulch of your desired color as well as pre-emergent weed herbicides to further prevent weed growth. 

Weed Control 

We can apply weed prevention systems on your yard and flowerbeds to keep your lawn looking great.  We will remove the weeds, add preventives and kill any exsisting weed growth. 

Plant Removal 

We can help you remove any small trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants. 

Flowerbed Installation

We can help you plan and install new flowerbeds and other landscaping in your yard. 

Lake Charles Landscaping Clean Ups 

If you have a tough project such as overgrown yards, out-of-control flower beds, and anything else unsightly you’d like removed we do off one-time services to help you get your property back to shape. 

Maintenance Schedules

We offer regular maintenance schedules to help meet your needs. If you subscribe to one of our monthly maintenance plans, you will receive all of our lawn care services and a regular schedule. 

Our lawn maintenance schedules include weekly and bi-weekly maintenance. We highly recommend weekly lawn maintenance to have your yard looking its absolute best year rounds. 

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